His plan, not my planner.

I made a lot of goals for myself this year. If you look at the “Passion Roadmap” on my planner you will see branches for “Career,” “Fitness,” “Nutrition,” “Relationships,” and “Finances.”

People have told me my entire life, “giiirrrrl, you get things done. You’re a boss.” I appreciate the thought, but hearing these accolades always made me think about what it was that I was winning at… what I was chasing after. Was I chasing recognition, accolades, status, control, or dare I say, perfection??

I used to live my life by the quote, “She believed she could so she did.”

But see, my life transformed – and continues to transform – ever since I heard this quote flipped on its head: “She believed she couldn’t and so He did.” 

I cannot move without Him. I need Him. It’s really that simple. It was only once I surrendered my life to the sole pursuit of chasing Him that my goals found purpose and victory. The fitness/nutrition/finance/work goals have a new-found purpose. Their purpose are to glorify Him.

So yeah, I’m maintaining my fitness and nutrition goals. I’m actually quite the spin enthusiast now and I’m meal planning like a pro (ask my boyfriend). I’m on the phone with my family and friends a lot more. I’m making meaningful relationship a priority. I am debt-free! As I go down my planner and put a check mark beside my victories, I am in awe. I am in awe because this was not me, but Him. It was Him transforming my heart and I am so very grateful.

For now, I am chasing Christ from victory to victory. I do not move without Him. It is my prayer that the goals for my life (the things I put in my planner) will look more and more like His will for my life. It is in this truth where my faith (and Passion Planner Roadmap) will firmly stand.




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