Be still, my heart.

One of my best friends asked me earlier today, “how is Lent going?”

“Good!” is a socially acceptable response. But Gomes’ question led me straight to this week’s Lenten series reading in Deuteronomy. It led me face-to-face with my forgetful faith. 

In Deuteronomy Chapter 4, we are reminded that our hearts are easily forgetful, that our faith is easily distracted and weak. Moses, the author, urges his people, “Be careful not to forget the covenant of the Lord your God that he made with you” (23).

Especially during happy times, my faith becomes distracted and forgetful. During Lent I’ve noticed that I would rather read books about prayer than sit down and pray. I would rather surf the web for an hour and read blogs about faith rather than be still in the presence of my God. What is stopping me from being still?

I suppose in moments of joy and victory, my faith is forgetful of the deserts my God has pulled me out of. It is forgetful of my nothingness without Him. My happy heart and mind are running and restless, but I should know better. I am only found in the perfect stillness and completeness of His name.

My God, have mercy on my forgetful faith.



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